Come Take A Walk With Me – Season One

Web-Series: Come Take A Walk With Me

Genre: Drama

Overall Web-series Rating: Yellow

rating scale - yellow

Come Take A Walk With Me is a lesbian web-series set in North Carolina. This series focuses on a young woman starting college and discovering her sexuality. The story follows Channing as she goes through college and the ups and downs of her sexual and family relationships.

Characters Rating: Yellow/Green

rating scale - yellow-green

The character development in this series is very much lacking, I took into account how short each episode was when selecting my rating, however there could have been more done in that time to create a greater connection with the characters. The characters in this series are Channing, the main character that the story follows. AJ a stud that Channing meets and start a romance with. Kenzie, Channing’s sister who has a conflicting relationship with her. Ashleigh, Channing’s first roommate in the series who does not approve of her and AJ and Ka’maya, Channing’s second roommate in the series. Kim, Channing’s head strong boss. Nicky, who made around two appearances in the series but seems to be considered a main character. Which brings to light the other issue. There are too many characters packed in the series for it’s run time. That is a huge factor into why there wasn’t more development.

Story-line Rating: Yellow/Green

The story-line of this series left a lot to be desired, there are a lot of unanswered questions that the story just did not cover. Again with the series being so short and each episode being so short, it is understandable. However if the timeline of the story was scaled down a bit or even few characters introduced within the story, the same time could have been used for a more detailed story-line. There were certain points and conflicts that the writers of this series wanted to touch on and basically after each point was touched it was fast forwarded to the next one. There were no true build up for the story and that again lead to the lack of character development.

Some of the points that were touched by the plot: first lesbian experiences, coming to terms with sexuality, parents issues with sexuality, break-ups, “uhauling”, work relationships, friends with benefits. Among other topics that were touched on during the series.

Production and Acting Rating: Green/Blue

Acting – The acting in this series was a bit stiff, most of the characters appeared to be first time actresses. The emotions of the actresses didn’t truly come across, for most of the actresses the tone seem to be the same whether they are happy, angry or sad. Although to be honest, the actress that plays AJ is a true gem and it seems most natural with her. The acting does get better as the series progress but could still have some improvement.

Production – This is an old series and as such it is not expected that the production quality will be the same as current series. Considering the time when the series was made, it has average camera quality, it might even been considered above average. There are moments when there is shaky or blurry camera scenes. As I have notice with most series there were a few moments when there was an issue with the audio, where the background noise came over louder than the actresses dialogue.

Post Production – The post production of this series is actually, pretty great. The transition and cuts from scene to scene was very smooth. There are quality filler shots and there were not recycled from one episode to another. The music that was used in the series was good selection, most of the music appear to come from LGBT and/or local artist.

Rainbow Debrief Rating: Green

I really like this series, I am not watching this for the first time but closer to when it was originally released, it was actually a series like this that made me decide to do this blog. Most persons know about the bigger series but are not aware of these smaller gems. When considering when this was made, even for today it is a pretty good watch. The story-line does leave a bit to be desired but still worth the watch. You definitely should check it out.


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Come Take A Walk With Me

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