BAIT The Series Season One Review

Web-Series: Bait The Series

Genre: Drama

Overall Web-series RatingBlue

rating scale - blue

Bait The Series, is a Black Gay web-series based in DC. The series is focused on a dating app called “Bait” that gay guys use to find other gay guys close by. The story follows Emmanuel, our main character, who is using the application in his search for love, but Emmanuel’s hook ups tend to lead to a devastating end. The hook-up you meet online, might just be your last.

Characters Rating: Blue

rating scale - blue

There are three main characters in this web-series. We have Emmanuel, on his search for love. We also meet his best friend, Lennox who is married to Ryan. Since this is a short series with very short episodes, we don’t get to truly know these main characters. However even with the short time, the series produces fully developed characters. Emmanuel is the boy next door that is on a journey to find love but he is hiding a dark secret. There are clear feelings floating around between Lennox and Emmanuel, who have been best friend for years. Which causes Ryan’s driving insecurity about his marriage. There is not much to say about what each character brings to the series without providing spoilers. However the small time spend with them gives watchers a lot of depth.

Story-line Rating: Green

rating scale - green

The story line is simple and short which is both a negative and positive point. It has the feeling of a movie being split into a few episodes, which allows you to get a full story but doesn’t bring the depth expected from a series. It left me with a feeling of ‘that’s it?’ but I still felt like I have gotten a full story. It’s a good story line but feels too short for a series. The series is however still in its first season and promises to deliver more episodes. I look forward to seeing what more the story holds for this season.

Production and Acting Rating: Blue/Purple

rating scale - blue-purple

Acting – The actors in this series, are firstly, complete eye candy. These are a sexy set of men that are not afraid to show off their body. Secondly, they are a great set of actors. They were really invested in their part and look great doing it.

Production – The production for this series, is one of the best I have seen. Good quality videography with great audio to match, there are a few times when the audio drops but not too much to affect the overall quality. The series made great use of camera angles and effects to help create the drama within the series. The creators of this series ensured to use a lot locations in DC area. I am a big fan of using on-location scenes as it allows the shows to feel real, which is always better.

Post Production – The transitions from scene to scene are flawless. The introduction to the series grabs you. I wish that some of the scenes that were shown in the introduction were also seen within the series. My one issue was with the closing credits. The full credits for the entire series was shown at the end of each episode which was a bit annoying, especially because the episodes were so short.

Rainbow De-Brief Rating: Green/Blue

rating scale - green-blue

This is my first review of a gay web-series, and I love it. Great characters, great short and awesome quality. It was however too short, I saw areas of opportunities that could have been used to extend the story-line and bring more drama into the series. That being said, I am excited to see what will come next. You should take the Bait.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. tray says:

    I just started watching this and I want to say Christopher wow mmmmm lol when I get famous hope to meet you some day

    1. Stud Debrief says:

      Yes, he is a very handsome gentleman. That can be said about any of the guys in the series.

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