Movie Review – If I was Your Girl

Title: If I was Your Girl

Genre: Drama

Overall Ratings: Green

rating scale - green

“If I was Your Girl” is a movie about four black lesbians, or better yet two lesbian couples that have issues within their relationships. One relationship showed lack of appreciation and misuse, while the other couple has the issue of cheating and abuse. All four characters interacted as the studs from both relationships are best friends. As such the story mainly follows them together, then takes you into the life of their relationships. This movie has drug use, alcohol abuse and consists of a lot of swearing, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

LGBT Presence: Blue

rating scale - blue

This is a lesbian film so it is the L of the LGBT that is focused on, but it is in this film FULL BLAST, all the main characters are lesbian or bi, or maybe bi-curious. They look on the struggles that lesbian couples go through. They also get an A because most, if not all of the sound track used in this film is from a LGBT artist. One of their actress (studress) is a rapper and you can hear her songs throughout the entire film sound track. So not only does it show us a window into the life of some lesbians, but it also shows recognition their way when it comes to their music. So thumbs up for an overall LGBT production.

The movie shows issues of two females having rocky pasts with men and have decided to give into their attraction towards woman and see where it is that, that attraction takes them. One female is more into an exploring mind-set, leaving the stud on her arm feeling a bit out-of-place and at time used. Female number two has indulged the life completely but still finds herself in the same kind of situation she had with men.

Acting/Production Quality: Blue

rating scale - blue

Acting: This production has a great group of actors/actress, from the main cast to  the supporting cast around them. One actress does seem to be trying too hard, but based on the character that she is playing, that might just be a part of the characters personality.

Production: The production is shy of excellent, great camera and camera work, great lighting and sound. The music and soundtrack used within the movie does not take over the conversation and is used well between scenes. They use great locations to film within the movie, which is always a great asset for a well-produced movie. The only down fall was their prison/jail scenes. Clearly I don’t expect them to get an actually jail to film in, however the set up used to represent the jail could be better executed.

Post Production: The post production is great, good cuts, transitions and editing. One of the main feature used in the movie, or effect, comes across well due to great post production. Which is the use of flashbacks, that is the feature they use to explain the back stories of the characters and previous events that have occurred, there are times however when the flashbacks do leave you feeling a little lost, you find yourself wondering if it’s a flashback or is this happening in the “now” of the show.

LGBT Rating: Blue

rating scale - blue

It is a great LGBT movie, however it only focuses on the L and the B from our LGBT community, so it is a great movie for the lesbians in our community to check out and enjoy. It brings up common relationship issues and the issue of a lesbian having to share her woman with a man, or having a woman who is simultaneously sleeping with a man while in their relationships.

Rainbow De-Brief Rating: Green/Blue

rating scale - green-blue

I like this movie, it is interesting and has that love story that we all want to see happen, can’t say anymore without truly revealing any spoilers. Great scenes  great acting, great music and overall great production. My only peeve about the movie is all the cursing, nothing is wrong with cursing it just seems to be a bit over kill in this movie, but at the same time I understand it based on the effect that it creates, it ties in with the slight violence and the heated sex scenes. So if you can look past the cursing, it is a good movie to check out. I would not say it is a must watch but it is worth the watch.





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If you are not sure about my rating system, check out this post

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