Studville TV Season One Review

Web-Series: Studville TV

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Overall Web-series Rating: Green/Blue 

rating scale - green-blue

Studville TV is about a group of studs that call themselves “the crew” and are based in Atlanta. It begins with the story being narrated by one of the characters, introducing you to the members of “the crew”. After the introductions of the stud characters, it cuts to a scene of each stud in a bad situation, which is of course at the hand of their femme and at the end of those scenes each person asks “how did I get here?” I most commend their start, it grabs you instantly, you find yourself asking, “how did they get there?”, especially once the series gets started and you get to know the characters better. With each episode, you see yourself looking for clues that would lead to these endings. Is it that you don’t see it coming? I wouldn’t say that, its more of seeing the beginning and knowing how it ends, makes you more keen to filling the empty space.

Characters Rating: Blue

rating scale - blue

I have to take my hats off to the level of depth that is done with these characters, there is not so much of a back story, the characteristics, the way the approach and handle situations are unique to each character. There are 8 main characters, each stud and the femmes that are currently in their life. You have the old couple, that decides to get married, you have the new love couple, the U-haul couple and that couple that is not really a couple. With that said, there is also a bit of a disconnect when you really look at these characters. Some of them have a sudden change in who you see them to be, with no real bridge connecting you to why this change came about.

Story-line Rating: Green

rating scale - green

It is a really great story-line, takes you on the struggles that the crew goes through with the women in their life, and how they all depend on each other for support. I must say that the bromance is heavy among the crew and it is kind of refreshing, it’s not this macho stud vibe. They are more soft and open, and are truly connected to their feminine side.

The story touches on the issue of married couples, U-haul couples, lesbian couples raising a family, the process of family planning and trying to get pregnant. Domestic abuse to some extent has been touched on as well and the negative views towards lesbians in society is slightly highlighted.

There really is not much I can say about the story-line without really giving spoilers and I would not want to do that. There are some negatives of course, there are times when it feels like there are  some slight gaps in the story, especially at the end. When they reach to the scenes that were shown in the beginning, there seems to be a bridge missing, you can see how everything lead up to it, but in each story-line, there is a small gap that makes it feel not completely connected. I honestly believing that maybe extending the series by an episode or two would have connected all of those dots. With that said, it doesn’t take away from the story or leave you confused.

Production and Acting Rating: Green

rating scale - green

Acting – There is a great group of actresses in this web-series, they may be some pretty lame basketball players, but they are good actresses, most of them. There is one actress (studress?) that is a bit stiff and it seems like it took her a while to really feel and get into her role, but as series went on you felt the stiffness slowly gets less and less. There is one actress that I really didn’t feel her emotions come out, but that might just be me. If you are wondering who I am referring to, you can hit me up in the comments. I almost forgot, the sex scenes are excellent, not awkward or weird and you don’t think, yeah that doesn’t look real, but that is not just the actors but I am sure the directors have a lot to do with it as well.

Production – Great camera movement and angles and the film is of great quality. The sound is also excellent, there are times when the sound dips but it is not that noticeable and it does not affect the overall quality of the production.

I love there use of locations, you don’t feel like they are always going out and hanging out at the same spot all the time, except the basketball court, but even that they give a break as well. When it comes to location they should also be aware of the background noises overpowering the dialogue, but if I remember correctly there was only one or two instances of that in the entire season.

Post Production would have to be the only down fall to me, and you have to understand, I am the type of person that notices if the amount of drinks in a cup changes when there is a cut in the film. I think that there needs to be some improvement in the cuts and transitions within a scene which they needed to improve in post production, the cuts are sometimes too obvious and not clean enough, it just needs to be a bit smoother. Another issue is the post production sound track, there are moments when the sound track is louder than the dialogue.

I must state that I love the fact that after a few episodes they changes the opening for the series, did it need to be changed or was it better, truly it doesn’t matter, to me, it simply means that they care enough to look on their work and decided to change or improve on something, I love that.

Rainbow De-Brief Rating: Blue

rating scale - blue

I just simply love this season, I am sorry that it was as short as it was and I am really looking forward to see season two come out, their characters are interesting and entertaining, there is nothing about this show that does not need commendation, I have no idea how long it took them to get this off the ground but anyone that watches it can see that there is hard work and dedication behind it. I, personally would recommend everyone that is interested in Lesbian web-series to get to know the crew.

With that said, there are currently running an Indie GoGo campaign to raise some money for their next season, if you check this out and you like it and have the cash to spare, you can contribute any amount that you have to them.

They have also been nominated for Best Black Lesbian Web-Series in the July Film Festival and need your votes to win the title. You can go and give them your vote as well if you think they deserve it.


Season One Playlist

YouTube Channel

Indie GoGo


As always any comments, any questions and opinions you can always feel free to leave those in the comments or contact me in other forms.

If you are not sure about my rating system, check out this post


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