Web-Series Review Break-Down

So this is the break-down of how web-series will be reviewed, movies and books were basically the same thing, but web-series will be a little different. Well first the good news, web-series reviews will be once a week……..till I run out of web-series of course.

On to the more confusing news, web-series will be rated into three ways……web-series that are complete or have complete series that I have watched, will have one review for the entire season in question. So those reviews, will give you an overview of the entire season, the characters, the story-line. So that is exactly what I will be rating: overall, characters, story-line, as well and the acting and production quality.

Then there are those that have been completed or have a complete season that I have yet to watch, those will receive two reviews, the first of which is a “First Look Review”. My girlfriend and I had a system where we would watch the first three episodes of a series and decide from there if we would keep watching, I am going to apply that system to any new web-series that I come across. So after watching the first three episodes, the review will give a breakdown on the impression so far, the characters, the story-line and the overall quality. Then once I finish the series, will compare it to the first look, the improvements and the progress of the story-line.

So for the series that are currently going, they will get an episode by episode review, depending on how far in the season the series is, I might do one post with all episodes reviewed or do a review of the series so far.

Overall I really want to focus on reviewing the quality and story-lines of the web-series, along with their entertainment value. As always my rating system is the same which will be the rainbow colours, we use six colour is our rainbow flag: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. So red will represent the lowest rating given (sorry all those red lovers out there) and purple for the highest rating. Some ratings might be a double colour rating: yellow/green, basically it hasn’t gain green status but is still better than a yellow rating, basically it would be like a .5 when using a number rating system.

I have a list of web-series under by belt that I plan to review, but as always I am open to suggestions, please feel free to contact me.


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